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Improving the Department of the Army’s Marketing for Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention of Civilians in Critical Occupations : RAND Corporation , 2022


RAND Corporation

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From the summary: "People are central to the Army’s mission. Army units’ operational performance depends on recruiting and training high-quality soldiers. Organizing, training, and equipping Army units depend on having high-quality soldiers and civilians to perform the functions assigned to the Secretary of the Army in Title 10, U.S. Code. This report summarizes the results of two interrelated projects that constituted a multiyear effort to assess and strengthen the Army’s ability to attract high-quality applicants to its civilian workforce and retain high-quality Army civilian employees. The projects’ specific objectives were to help shape the development of the Army Civilian brand and associated marketing strategy. This included enhancing Army officials’ understanding of the job preferences and job search activities of individuals in the external market (job-seekers) and in the internal market (Army civilian employees), assessing potential employees’ awareness of Army civilian job opportunities and their perceptions of and concerns about Army civilian jobs, comparing compensation in Army jobs with that in similar private-sector positions, identifying potential hiring needs, and recommending marketing strategies."

Authors - Orvis, Bruce R., Markel, M. Wade, Engberg, John



Orvis, Bruce R., Markel, M. Wade, Engberg, John


RAND Corporation


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