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“HRM03: Authorize Agencies to Develop Programs for Improvement of Individual and Organizational Performance.” In Reinventing Human Resource Management, Accompanying Report of the National Performance Review, . Washington, DC : Office of the Vice President , September 1, , 1993

September 1, 1993

Office of the Vice President

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From the document: “Following the lead of the private sector, the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 established governmentwide performance management systems for federal employees that linked employee pay to individual performance. The system was designed to serve as a vehicle to improve agency and individual performance through improved communications of performance expectations between employees and supervisors. A yearly work plan, consisting of critical elements and performance standards, was envisioned to support agency planning and accomplishment of work. Ongoing feedback from the supervisor, including a formal, end-of-the- year appraisal, would provide feedback to the employee. Management decisions on promotions, awards, training, and retention were to be linked directly to the performance management process.



Office of the Vice President


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