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Knowledge for Action: A Guide to Overcoming Barriers to Organizational Change. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass , 1993



Review: “This guide is intended to help organizational researchers involved in diagnosing organizations and helping them change. Part 1 focuses on defensive routines that limit learning at the organizational, intergroup, group, and individual levels. Part 2 focuses on the case study of a consulting firm at which a climate fostering learning and change was established. Each chapter in Part 2 covers one of the following steps in diagnosing and intervening in an organization: (1) interview and observe the players; (2) organize the findings for learning and action; (3) conduct meaningful feedback sessions; and (4) facilitate the change seminar with live cases. Part 3 discusses the following possible outcomes of the four-step diagnosis and intervention process: stopping button pushing and explosive relationships, overcoming resentment and rebuilding trust, managing the clash of expectations and needs to build new team leadership, getting feedback from below, and discussing and correcting out-of-control routines. The final section of part 3 summarizes the implications of the case study in the form of a model for change and improvement. A discussion of the implications for conducting research that produces actionable knowledge that can be used by practitioners is appended. The bibliography lists 215 references.”

Authors - Argyris, Chris

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