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Life-Cycle Costs of Selected Uniformed Health Professions (Phase II: The Impact of Constraints and Policies on the Optimal-Mix-of-Accession Model) : Center for Naval Analyses , April , 2003

April 2003

Center for Naval Analyses

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From the introduction: "The Department of Defense (DoD) charges the Military Health System (MHS) to maintain the health of the active duty forces, attend to the sick and wounded in time of war (known as the readiness or force health protection mission), and provide health care services as part of its peacetime benefit mission. To effectively execute these sometimes disparate missions, the MHS draws on a broad mix of highly trained health care professionals from the active and reserve forces, the civil service system, and various contractors and network personnel. The medical departments of the three Services rely heavily on active duty professionals to meet the majority of these health care demands. Each medical department decides on the number, skill mix, and type of professionals needed in the active duty ranks to perform required services."



Christensen, Eric W., Brannman, Shayne, Rattelman, Cori, Nickel, Ronald H., Miller, Richard D.


Center for Naval Analyses


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