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Measuring the Outcomes of Acquisition Reform by Major DOD Components : CSIS Report , 2015


CSIS Report

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From the summary: “This paper establishes measurements to evaluate the success of the Department of Defense components in implementing recent acquisition reform policies, most notably elements of the Weapon Systems Reform Act of 2009 and the differing iterations of Better Buying Power. Due to the dataset available, success in this case reflects whether or not the policies adopted led to the specific outcomes sought, e.g. an increase in competition or small business utilization, rather than measuring improvement in overall contract cost, schedule and performance. By using publicly available data from the Federal Procurement Data System, this paper addresses six major questions: Have the DOD components increased their rates of effective competition since the introduction of BBP in 2010? How successful have the components been at promoting contracting opportunities for small businesses? How has DOD shifted between fixed-price and cost-plus contracts as guidance evolved? Did the recent reforms and legislation shift components’ acquisition portfolios? Have the components shifted away from certain contract vehicles? Did the recent reforms and legislation efforts shift components’ acquisition portfolios?”



McCormick, Rhys, Cohen, Samantha, McQuade, Maura Rose


CSIS Report


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