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Navigating Current and Emerging Army Recruiting Challenges: What can Research Tell Us? : RAND Corporation , 2019


RAND Corporation

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From the summary: "Recruiting is the foundation of the U.S. Army’s ability to sustain its overall force levels, but recruiting has become very challenging. This report draws on a large body of research on military recruiting and examines tools and resources—including recruiters and recruiting management, selection and eligibility criteria, advertising, bonuses, and educational benefits— that could help the Army meet this challenge. It indicates that the Army could meet these challenges by taking advantages of recently developed tools to inform recruiting activities, explore opportunities to improve station productivity, exploit opportunities to better target the Army’s outreach and recruiting resources in different market segments, consider adjustments to recruiter selection policy and redesign recruiter incentive plans to increase recruiter productivity, and coordinate recruiting and retention resource decisions."

Authors - Asch, Beth J.



Asch, Beth J.


RAND Corporation


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