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Next Steps for Managing Defense Agencies, Field Activities, and Support Processes : Institute for Defense Analyses , December , 2001

December 2001

Institute for Defense Analyses

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From the executive summary: “The Secretary of Defense is authorized to consolidate functions in Defense Agencies whenever this would increase DOD's mission effectiveness or efficiency. Twenty-two Agencies (some called Field Activities) perform common support functions such as technology development, logistics, communications, finance and accounting, and quality-of-life services for military personnel. Agency customers include the geographic and functional CINCs, the Military Departments, military families, and other Agencies. The Institute for Defense Analyses was tasked by the Deputy Secretary of Defense to identify Agency management issues that warrant the attention of DOD's senior leadership in preparation for the FY 2001 Quadrennial Defense Review. Our examination covered fourteen of the Agencies, which in total account for 20 percent of DOD's budget.”


Graham, David, Horowitz, Stanley A., Bell, James P., Bergmann, Brad, Bovey, Robert L., Bracken, Jerome, Christie, Deborah P., et al.


Institute for Defense Analyses


Paper P-3627


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