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Officer Manpower and Personnel Governance in the U.S. Navy — Law, Policy, Practice. Santa Monica, CA : RAND Corporation , 2005


RAND Corporation

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From the preface: "Navy transformation will require an understanding of how law, policy, and practice affect the composition of the officer corps and how certain changes might enable the Navy to better match skills, experience, and grades with mission requirements. The RAND National Defense Research Institute was asked to identify policies and processes that will enable the Navy to align the skills, experiences, and grade structure of its officer corps with its operational requirements in a cost-effective and equitable way. Our project for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Manpower and Personnel (N1), “A Strategic Approach to Naval Officer Management,” addresses these issues."



Thie, Harry J., Yardley, Roland J., Schirmer, Peter, Merck, Samantha J.


RAND Corporation


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