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Preliminary Assessment of Efficiency Initiatives Announced by Secretary of Defense Gates on August 9, 2010 : Congressional Research Service (CRS) , August 12, , 2010

August 12, 2010

Congressional Research Service (CRS)

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From the report: “On August 9, 2010, Secretary of Defense Gates announced a number of efficiency initiatives intended to contribute to a Defense Department effort to achieve about $100 billion of savings over the next five years. The Defense Department’s intent is not to reduce the defense “top line” budget, but, rather, to apply any savings to finance currently planned programs. Below, in a table format, is an order-of-magnitude analysis of amounts of money currently spent in each of the major areas Secretary Gates identified for savings. It suggests several points.”

Authors - Daggett, Stephen


Daggett, Stephen


Congressional Research Service (CRS)


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