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President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control: Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Task Force : Government Printing Office , July , 1983

July 1983

Government Printing Office

From the document: “The following report represents the results of the office of the Secretary of Defense Task Force of the President's Private sector Survey (PPSS) on Cost Control in the Federal Government. The report culminates the combined efforts of the 45 members of the Task Force, who devoted about 160 person-months of pro bono work to the PPSS initiative. These members, who represent 21 private sector companies, reviewed Department of Defense activities during the period July 1982 to December 1982. The report contains proposed major recommendations which, when fully implemented, could result in three-year total cost savings of $44.7 billion. It should be noted, however, that some of the recommendations may require years for the full savings to be realized.”

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