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Program Executive Office (PEO), National Security Personnel System (NSPS) – 2008 Evaluation Report.. Arlington, VA : SRA International, Inc. , May 15, , 2009

May 15, 2009

SRA International, Inc.

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From the abstract: “Attached is the first internal program evaluation report on the National Security Personnel System NSPS, prepared under the auspices of section 9901.107 of the NSPS regulation, which states that the Department will evaluate NSPS regulations and their implementation. The Program Executive Office PEO, on behalf of the Secretary, carries out the evaluation activities as part of the PEO mission. NSPS was designed to be a flexible system to meet the wide ranging needs of many different DOD organizations and their employees. Spiral implementation has enabled the Department to learn continuously through formal and informal evaluation activities, and to adjust the system and its supporting tools along the way.”

Authors - SRA International, Inc.



SRA International, Inc.


SRA International, Inc.


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