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10 U.S. Code Chapter 36 – Promotion, Separation, and Involuntary Retirement of Officers on the Active-Duty List

"Convening of selection boards (a) Whenever the needs of the service require, the Secretary of the military department concerned shall convene selection boards to recommend for promotion to the next higher permanent grade, under subchapter II of this chapter, officers on the active-duty list in each permanent grade from first lieutenant through brigadier general in the Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps and from lieutenant (junior grade) through rear admiral (lower half) in the Navy. The preceding sentence does not require the convening of a selection board in the case of officers in the permanent grade of first lieutenant or, in the case of the Navy, lieutenant (junior grade) when the Secretary concerned recommends for promotion to the next higher grade under section 624(a)(3) of this title all such officers whom the Secretary finds to be fully qualified for promotion.”

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