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Rapid Growth in U.S. Military Personnel Costs Driven by Pay and Benefits Increases : Bipartisan Policy Center , 2014


Bipartisan Policy Center

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From the report: “Mounting fiscal challenges have forced policymakers to confront difficult budgetary choices. One of the most important concerns is spending on our national security: whether to cut the defense budget and, if so, by how much. In fiscal years (FYs) 2013 and 2014, sequestration and other budget cuts have reduced defense spending by $166 billion relative to what was projected in 2011; in FY 2015, the U.S. defense base budget will be $521 billion, compared to $530 billion in 2012.1 Some argue that we can afford to cut more still, while others contend that we have already gone too far. But this is not the right debate.



Bipartisan Policy Center


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