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Recruiting Policies and Practices for Women in the Military: Views from the Field : RAND Corporation , 2017


RAND Corporation

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From the preface: "On January 24, 2013, then–Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta announced an end to the ban on women in combat. As of January 1, 2016, the armed services have been required to implement efforts to provide equal opportunities regardless of gender. The public nature of this announcement has likely affected potential recruits’ views of the military in as yet unknown ways. This research is intended to provide an early perspective on these effects and recommendations for how the services and the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (OUSD/P&R) can adapt moving forward. RAND conducted this study to assist OUSD/P&R in identifying approaches for bolstering recruitment of women into the armed services during the years in which ground combat jobs are transitioning to include women. This report should be of interest to leadership in the military recruiting services, policymakers who are responsible for military personnel, and to military manpower researchers."



Yeung, Douglas, Steiner, Christina E., Hardison, Chaitra M., Hanser, Lawrence M., Kamarck, Kristy N.


RAND Corporation


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