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Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics. Report of the Defense Science Board/Air Force Scientific Advisory Board Joint Task Force on Acquisition of National Security Space Programs. Washington, DC : Department of Defense , May , 2003

May 2003

Department of Defense

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From the abstract: “The Undersecretary of Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics and the Secretary of the Air Force cosponsored the Joint Defense Science Board DSBAir Force Science Advisory Board AFSAB Task Force on the Acquisition of National Security Space Programs and directed the task force to - Recommend improvements to the acquisition of space programs from initiation to deployment - Assess the nations dependency on space - Characterize problems by looking at underlying causes and systemic issues such as cost growth and schedule delays that impact all space programs and - Analyze the Space-Based Infrared System SBIRS, Future Imaging Architecture FIA, and Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle EELV. Over the course of its deliberations, the task force met with responsible representatives of acquisition- and operation-oriented government organizations, visited national security space contractors, and reviewed a broad spectrum of space programs and issues. The panel also interviewed senior government and industry officials, both active and retired.”



Department of Defense


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