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“Specifications & Standards - A New Way of Doing Business.” Memorandum.. Washington, DC : Office of the Secretary of Defense , June 24, , 1994

June 24, 1994

Office of the Secretary of Defense

From the document: “To meet future needs, the Department of Defense must increase access to commercial state-of-the-art technology and must facilitate the adoption by its suppliers of business processes characteristic of world class suppliers. In addition, integration of commercial and military development and manufacturing facilitates the development of dual-use processes and products and contributes to an expanded industrial base that is capable of meeting defense needs at lower costs.I have repeatedly stated that moving to greater use of performance and commercial specifications and standards is one of the most important actions that DOD must take to ensure we are able to meet our military, economic, and policy objectives in the future. Moreover, the Vice President's National Performance Review recommends that agencies avoid government-unique requirements and rely more on the commercial marketplace.”



Perry, William J.


Office of the Secretary of Defense

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