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Streamlining Defense Acquisition Laws. Report of the Law Advisory Panel to the United States Congress. Section 800 Report. Fort Belvoir, VA : Defense Systems Management College , January , 1993

January 1993

Defense Systems Management College

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From the abstract: “This document summarizes the Report of the Department of Defense Acquisition Law Advisory Panel which was transmitted on January 14, 1993, to the congressional defense committees, as directed by S800, Public Law 101-510. Entitled Streamlining Defense Acquisition Laws, the Report consisted of over 1, 800 pages, reflecting the results of more than 16 months of intense effort by the Panel to fulfill the requirements of its charter. This monumental study presented the Panels recommendations over 600 statutes-each affecting the defense acquisition process in some way-that were selected for review. The Panel members, while proud of the effort which produced this Report, also recognized the need for an additional publication to highlight their principal findings and recommendations for the diverse and often divergent communities who are important stakeholders in defense and other government procurement matters.”

Authors - Defense Systems Management College



Defense Systems Management College


Defense Systems Management College


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