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The Building With a Million Meetings: Can the Pentagon Be Both Efficient and Resilient? : Modern War Institute at West Point , December 3, , 2020

December 3, 2020

Modern War Institute at West Point

From the document: “Since the Industrial Revolution, efficiency has been a goal of organizations large and small. This is certainly true in the private sector, where efficiency translates into more profit for the same revenue. But it is also an aspiration of DoD leaders, facing flat or declining budgets and demand from combatant commanders that they struggle to meet with existing force structure. Indeed, in recent years DoD leadership has directed reductions in military headquarters activity staff size, the chief of space operations has touted an uncharacteristically lean staff, and McKinsey has promoted an ‘agile meeting cadence to convene the right people at the right time’ to government leaders.”


Hoar, Margaux


Modern War Institute at West Point

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