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The Deployment Life Study: Longitudinal Analysis of Military Families Across the Deployment Cycle : RAND Corporation , 2016


RAND Corporation

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From the preface: "In 2009, the RAND Corporation launched the Deployment Life Study, a longitudinal study of military families to examine family readiness. Family readiness has been referred to as the state of being prepared to effectively navigate the challenges of daily living experienced in the unique context of military service. The study surveyed families at frequent intervals throughout a complete deployment cycle—that is, before a service member deploys (sometimes months before), during the actual deployment, and after the service member returns (possibly a year or more after she or he has redeployed). It assessed outcomes over time, including the following: (a) the quality of marital and parental relationships (b) the psychological, behavioral, and physical health of family members (c) child and teen well-being (e.g., emotional, behavioral, social, and academic) (d) military integration (e.g., attitudes toward military service, retention intentions)."



Meadows, Sarah O., Tanielian, Terri, Karney, Benjamin


RAND Corporation


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