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The Military Demographic Equity Support Tool: A Tool for Helping Decisionmakers Address Disparities in Career Success : RAND Corporation , 2022


RAND Corporation

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From the document: "Personnel chiefs of all the military services continue to reckon with the reality that women, racial minorities, and ethnic minorities are less likely to achieve the traditional markers of career success. The U.S. Navy chartered an effort in July 2020, “Task Force One Navy,” that sought to “identify and make recommendations to dismantle barriers” to career success (Task Force One Navy, undated). The task force features five lines of effort, each focusing on a different area of human resource management (HRM), which produced 56 recommendations and areas for further study. In the same time frame, the U.S. Army commissioned a review of racial disparities, specifically in the military justice system (Lacdan, 2020). The Department of the Air Force Inspector General has published two independent reviews of racial, ethnic, and gender disparities in career success. The first report focused on disparities for black servicemembers (Department of the Air Force Inspector General, 2020), and the second described disparities for women and other minority groups (Department of the Air Force Inspector General, 2021). These reviews identified many disparities across different HRM areas and career milestones and called on stakeholders to identify the root causes of these disparities and implement “systemic and lasting corrective measures” (Department of the Air Force Inspector General, 2021, p. 2)."

Authors - Schulker, David, Walsh, Matthew



Schulker, David, Walsh, Matthew


RAND Corporation


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