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Training Cyber Warriors: What Can Be Learned from Defense Language Training? : RAND Corporation , 2015


RAND Corporation

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From the preface: "Over the past decade, cyber operations have become an increasingly important part of U.S. and international military capabilities. Research and the popular press note the rising threat from cyber warfare, including threats to military and federal government networks, as well as potential attacks on the U.S. economy, infrastructure, and business. To respond to this threat, cyber defense spending is projected to grow substantially—even while overall Pentagon spending is reduced. As the importance of cyber operations in national security grows, the U.S. military’s ability to train individuals in cyber skills and ensure a robust cyber workforce becomes increasingly important in protecting the nation. There has been a particular focus on the need for cyber warriors—highly trained and specialized individuals who engage in offensive and defensive cyber warfare. "

Authors - Daugherty, Lindsay, Li, Jennifer J.



Daugherty, Lindsay, Li, Jennifer J.


RAND Corporation


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