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U.S. Department of Defense Disability Compensation Under a Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation Approach : RAND Corporation , 2022


RAND Corporation

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From the summary: "When a service member incurs one or more conditions that may render the member unfit to perform his or her duties, “has a medical condition that represents an obvious medical risk to the health of the member or to the health or safety of other members, and/or, has a medical condition that imposes unreasonable requirements on the military to maintain or protect the service member,” he or she will be referred to the joint Department of Defense (DoD)–Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) (DoDI 1332.18, 2014).1 The IDES evaluates the service member’s fitness for duty and determines disability benefits for those who are found unfit to continue serving and consequently medically discharged. At any given time, thousands of service members are in the IDES; and while they are being evaluated, they are nondeployable, which affects readiness. So there is an incentive for the system to work as efficiently as possible."



Kempf, Jonas, Asch, Beth J., Mattock, Michael G., Krull, Heather, Rennane, Stephanie, Ligor, Douglas, Dworsky, Michael


RAND Corporation


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