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What Drives Defense Agency Performance? Submission in Response to the Request of the Senate Armed Services Committee. : Institute for Defense Analyses , October , 2017

October 2017

Institute for Defense Analyses

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From the abstract: “In an August 7, 2017, letter to the President of IDA, the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee requested thoughts and input on the following questions regarding the status of Defense Agencies: (1) How should the business-support defense agencies be optimally organized for the current, and future, environment in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness? (2) Are there opportunities to eliminate unnecessary duplication or to remove redundant functions within the Department? (3) What steps could substantially improve the provision of services to the Department? This paper addresses these questions based on IDA's research findings, augmented by the personal experiences of the author as an officer of the Department of Defense between 1981-93 and 2001-09.”


Chu, David


Institute for Defense Analyses


Paper P-8759


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