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What Has 35 Years of Acquisition Reform Accomplished? : U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 132 , February , 2006

February 2006

U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 132

From the article: “Department of Defense leaders are painfully aware of the fiascoes that continue to plague the acquisition of weapon systems. "Something's wrong with the system," secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently told Congress. Further evidence of that concern came in a 7 June 2005 memorandum from then-acting Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England. Addressed to senior Pentagon leadership, it directed a thorough assessment of the process "to consider every aspect of acquisition, including requirements, organization, legal foundations, decision methodology, oversight, checks and balances-every aspect." In kicking off the next in a long series of studies, secretary England stated: "Many programs continue to increase in cost and schedule even after multiple studies and recommendations that span the past 15 years."

Authors - Christie, Thomas P.



Christie, Thomas P.


U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 132


U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 132, no. 2 30–35

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