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Annual Report to the President and the Congress : Department of Defense , February , 1992

February 1992

Department of Defense

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From "Logisitics System Management Efficiencies": "The logistics system affects every soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine - and their ability to perform their peacetime and wartime roles. Comprehensive system changes are well under way and gaining support as we continue to provide the same level oflogistics service at a reduced cost to our customers. These changes represent the integration ofthree major initiatives: the various DMR initiatives which impact logistics management and organization, the CIM initiative which will modernize ADP systems and provide the tools to enable the military departments and DLA to implement the DMR's objectives, and the Inventory Reduction Plan which focuses on materiel management policies and business practices. In a time ofreduced fiscal resources, no other set of initiatives will have a greater impact on our ability to conduct day-to-day missions."

Authors - Cheney, Dick



Cheney, Dick


Department of Defense


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