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Defense Depot Maintenance Council Study of DoD Management of Industrial Plant Equipment : Department of Defense , February 1, , 1991

February 1, 1991

Department of Defense

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From the report: "The primary purpose of this Military Services Majority Report is to identify cost savings that can be achieved by analyzing those IPE functions now performed, determining if those functions are essential and making recommendations to improve and streamline IPE management. A secondary purpose is to ensure that the position of the Services is known and forwarded to the DoD decision makers. This study covers the full scope of IPE management within DoD, including mobilization planning, inventory management, general reserve, cataloging, engineering, standardization, specifications preparation, acquisition, storage, and maintenance. The functions of both DIPEC and the Military Services were thoroughly examined. This study indicated each Service effectively manage IPE like any other capital asset within their existing organizations. Several recommendations were made to improve the management of IPE. DLA and the Services agreed only to reduce the general reserve by limiting retention of IPE to FSG 34 and raise the dollar threshold to $15,000, eliminate reporting of in-use IPE and adopt the NSN as the single identification system for IPE."



Department of Defense


Department of Defense


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