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Defense Management - Report to the President : Office of the Secretary of Defense , July , 1989

July 1989

Office of the Secretary of Defense

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From the report: "In his February 1989 address to the Joint Session of Congress, the President announced that he was directing the Secretary of Defense to develop "a plan to improve the defense procurement process and management of the Pentagon." Terms of reference provided by the President called upon the Department of Defense (DoD) to: develop a plan to accomplish full implementation of the recommendations of the Packard Commission and to realize substantial improvements ... in defense management overall. For these purposes, the President directed that specific actions be identified in four broad areas--personnel and organization, defense planning, acquisition practices and procedures, and government-industry accountability. The President also called for recommended "actions the Congress could take which would contribute to the more effective operation and management" of DoD, The Defense Management Review has examined the various efforts made to date to realize the far-reaching improvements envisioned both by the Packard Commission in its Reports and by Congress in the Goldwater-Nichols Defense Reorganization Act of 1986, It has benefitted from the information provided and views offered by senior civilian and military officials throughout DoD, as well as the valuable insights of numerous outside organizations anid experts who have monitored the course of recent defense reforms."



Cheney, Dick


Office of the Secretary of Defense


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