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DoD Zero Trust Strategy : Department of Defense , October 21, , 2022

October 21, 2022

Department of Defense

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From the executive summary: "The Department of Defense's (DoD) risk-based Zero Trust Framework employed across the Joint Force and the defense ecosystem protects our information systems1 from increasingly sophisticated attacks as our adversaries seek to affect our warfighters and DoD mission success. Zero Trust principles are now integrated into each of the five cybersecurity functions that represent key elements of a successful and holistic cybersecurity program – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. 2 As a result, DoD will successfully mitigate attempts to deny, degrade, disrupt, deceive, or destroy our information systems. Operators at all levels are confident that the data accessed, the assets deployed, the applications used, and the services provided are secured and resilient."

Authors - Chief Information Officer


Chief Information Officer


Department of Defense


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