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Logistics Information Technology Strategy 2024-2029 , February 6, , 2024

February 6, 2024

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From the document: The Department of Defense (DoD) mission provides the military with the forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security. DoD must properly manage and operationalize data as a strategic asset to support a lethal and effective Joint Force that, in collaboration with our network of Allies and Partner Nations, sustains American influence and advances shared security and prosperity.

The Logistics Information Technology (Log IT) portfolio exists in a contested environment and must function across all five warfighting domains: land, sea, air, space, and cyber. This challenge is particularly relevant to denied, degraded, intermittent, or limited communications environments. Every effort to protect logistics data while leveraging quality, interoperability, and advanced technologies, enables rapid decision-making and timely execution. Log IT is critical to logistics command and control and must be designed with both warfighting and business efficiency in mind. Modern wars can be fought on the battlefield through conventional kinetic effects or silently through data and software exploitation. Logistic data is an unrealized weapon and critical vulnerability in its current state. Reliable and accurate data informs leaders of the status of critical assets and empowers operational decisions; poor and unreliable data only benefits our adversaries. Accurate logistics data helps us maintain strategic advantage while inaccurate data causes confusion and disrupts the decision process.

Improving Log IT will enhance the Department’s ability to fight and win wars as a superior military force in an era of great power competition, enabling operators and military decision-makers to harness untapped data, leveraging strategic, operational, and tactical opportunities. We have a responsibility to leverage DoD capabilities and investments, thereby earning the trust of the operational Warfighter, the U.S. Congress, and the American people. We must continuously focus on the logistics business processes and utilize enterprise resources for more efficient military operations through logistics. The ability to fully understand the Defense supply chain using a system-of-systems approach is necessary. An effective Log IT network is critical to leverage the full range of capabilities among DoD, U.S. Government Agencies, industry partners, Allies, and Partner Nations. No current solution fully illuminates the entirety of our broad, and complex, supply chain ecosystem. In the future, Combatant Commanders, and logistics planners will leverage the Advanced Analytics (Advana) platform.

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