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The DOD Risk Management Process : Defense Acquisition University , April 5, , 2023

April 5, 2023

Defense Acquisition University

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From the document: "Risks are future events or conditions that may have a negative effect on achieving program objectives for cost, schedule, and performance. Risks are defined by (1) the probability (greater than 0, less than 1) of an undesired event or condition and (2) the consequences, impact, or severity of the undesired event, were it to occur. • Issues are events or conditions with negative effect that have occurred (such as realized risks) or are certain to occur (probability of 1) in the future that should be addressed. • Opportunities are potential future benefits to the program’s cost, schedule, and/or performance baseline, usually achieved through reallocation of resources."

Authors - Rhyne, Darren



Rhyne, Darren


Defense Acquisition University


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