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A Conversation with Michelle Sager, Managing Director, Strategic Issues, U.S. Government Accountability Office : IBM Center for The Business of Government , January 11, , 2023

January 11, 2023

IBM Center for The Business of Government

"Michelle Sager is the Managing Director of the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) Strategic Issues team. She oversees work on government-wide governance, strategy, performance, and resource issues—including the High-Risk program and the annual Duplication, Overlap and Fragmentation reports. Recently, Michelle joined me on The Business of Government Hour to explore the portfolio of GAO’s Strategic Issues team, its High-Risk Series, and the fiscal management and performance challenges facing government executives today. The following is excerpt of our discussion."

Authors - Keegan, Michael J.


Keegan, Michael J.


IBM Center for The Business of Government

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