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An Examination of the Defense Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness Plan Using a Balanced Scorecard. Monterey, CA : U.S. Naval Postgraduate School , June , 2011

June 2011

U.S. Naval Postgraduate School

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From the abstract: “This thesis analyzes the Department of Defense (DOD) Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) Plan using the Balanced Scorecard. Using Niven’s methodology of applying the Balanced Scorecard to the nonprofit and government sectors, the purpose of the thesis is to determine if the Balanced Scorecard can assist in execution of the FIAR Strategy to achieve the goal of asserting financial audit readiness by 30 September 2017. The analysis produced a Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard, which translated the FIAR Strategy into practical objectives, performance measures, targets and initiatives. The thesis revealed that the Balanced Scorecard can be used to assist in FIAR Strategy execution, including recommendations provided to DOD leadership on ways to improve the FIAR Plan.”


Ocampo, Xyrone R.


U.S. Naval Postgraduate School


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