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Audit Report: Implementation of the DOD Asset Visibility Plan at the Defense Logistics Agency : Department of Defense , October 31, , 1996

October 31, 1996

Department of Defense

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From the introduction: "We are providing this report for your information and use. Total Asset Visibility (TAV) is the ability of the DoD logistics system to gather current information about the condition, location, movement, quantity, and status of assets anywhere in the logistics system in order to improve the logistics process. This report discusses one area of the TA V requirements--Visibility of Assets InStorage or In-Process--specifically, the Lateral Redistribution Project and the Procurement Offset Project. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) supply centers participate in the DoD Materiel Returns Program and, since August 1994, participated in the Lateral Redistribution Project and the Procurement Offset Project that were designed to solve specific asset visibility problems. From February 1995 through March 1996, DLA supply centers redistributed $354.5 million of materiel (valued at acquisition cost) under those programs. In addition, the Defense Automatic Addressing Systems Center (DAASC), an element of DLA, redistributed excess materiel through the Defense Program for the Redistribution of Assets (DEPRA) program; however, DAASC could not tell us how much was related to DLA-managed materiel. (See Enclosure 1 for a description of the DoD Materiel Returns Program, the Lateral Redistribution Project, the Procurement Offset Project, and DEPRA.)"



Office of Inspector General


Department of Defense


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