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Bad Idea: Managing Defense Requirements, Budgets, and Acquisitions via Programs , December 10, , 2021

December 10, 2021

From the document: “The quickest way to lose a war with a near-peer adversary in the 21st Century is to fight with 20th Century systems. The average Department of Defense (DOD) aircraft is 30 years old. Further, DOD launched most of its ships, submarines, and satellites in the last century. The best way to sabotage DOD’s ability to modernize is to impose industrial age structures, processes, and culture on this massive bureaucracy. DOD executives, Combatant Commanders, and Congress have stressed the need for DOD to rapidly exploit leading technologies to retain its military advantage. Yet DOD still operates with enterprise processes and management practices designed around programs from 60 years ago. These program-centric constraints drive longer timelines, fewer quantities, and higher costs that erode DOD’s military advantage and increase operational risks.”

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