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Annual Report to the President and the Congress : Department of Defense , 2001


Department of Defense

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From "Logsitics Transformation": "The commercial marketplace demonstrates that product support can be optimized and strategic advantage created by focusing on customer service, integrating supply chains, capitalizing on rapid transportation, and exploiting electronic commerce. When applied to Defense, this equates to integrated logistics chains focused on readiness and rapid service to the warfighter customer. To accomplish this fundamental transformation, the Department has developed a long-term logistics reform strategic plan, established a logistics architect to help guide the transformation effort, and started to implement new business strategies. Logistics transformation efforts include trying to satisfy customer requirements at the point of need, reducing cycle times to meet dynamic warfighting requirements, replacing large investments in infrastructure with information visibility, agility, and rapid transportation, creating robust partnerships with the commercial sector, and reducing organizational echelons. To focus Defense-wide efforts, the Department requires annual transformation plans to be submitted from the Services, Defense Logistics Agency, and U.S. Transportation Command. The Department has also identified 30 pilot programs (ten per Service) on which it is testing its initiatives to reduce total ownership cost. See Chapter 14 for more details about logistics transformation."

Authors - Cohen, William S.



Cohen, William S.


Department of Defense


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