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Defense Information Infrastructure: Rationale for Defense Management Report Decision 918 : Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense , September , 1992

September 1992

Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense

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From the foreword: "The Deputy Secretary of Defense approved Defense Management Report Decision (DMRD) 918, "Defense Information Infrastructure," on September 15, 1992. The objective of this DMRD is to establish an information infrastructure which provides a seamless, transparent, and protected end-to-end information transfer capability. This capability will: (1) revolutionize information exchange, defense-wide, (2) strengthen the DoD's ability to apply computing, communications, and information management capabilities to the accomplishment of the Department's mission, and (3) minimize information technology burdens on operational and functional staffs. Successful implementation will enable operational and functional staffs to access, share, and exchange information worldwide with minimal knowledge of communication and computing technologies."



Kendall, Cynthia, Beyer, Bill


Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense


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