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Defense Science Board Task Force Report: FY 1994-99 Future Years Defense Plan : Defense Science Board , May , 1993

May 1993

Defense Science Board

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From the introduction: "Secretary of Defense Aspin chartered the DSB Panel on February 4, 1993, to review the Bush Administration's FY94-99 Defense Program. The purpose of our review was to assess the funding realism of the Bush Program and, if shortfalls in funding were found, estimate their rough order of magnitude. The three Member Panel, Philip Odeen (Chairman), Edward (Pete) Aldridge, and Jeffrey H. Smith, were assisted by staff from OSD, the Services, and the Joint Staff'. Numerous other elements of DOD also provided input. While the timeframe was short (two months), the efforts of the staff and the cooperation of all parties gave the 7anel a good basis for its assessments. We hope these observations will be helpful to DOD as it undertakes a thorough review of our national security needs and develops a new "bottom-up" FYDP."



Defense Science Board


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