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Defense Science Board Task Force Report: FY 1994-99 Future Years Defense Plan Part II : Defense Science Board , May , 1993

May 1993

Defense Science Board

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From the background: "The Panel reviewed the Bush FYDP to determine if funding for O0DM, personnel, and related activities was adequate to support the Bush baseline force structure. The primary issue is O&M funds--their adequacy to maintain readiness at needed levels, fund a decent quality of life for our people, and maintain the DOD infrastructure at acceptable levels. The FY93 O1M budget totals $86 billion and was projected to decline to $80 billion by FY97 in the Bush FYDP 1 . In recent years, Congress has not generally cut O& funding directly, but it frequently takes other actions which have the same effect, e.g. assuming European burden-sharing payments or increasing DBOF cash transfers. (Such actions in FY93 accounted for an effective cut of four percent in 0114 fundings.)"



Defense Science Board


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