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Defense Spending: Today's 'Broken' Budgeting Process Must Change : National Defense , October , 2010

October 2010

National Defense

From the document: “In the words of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the Pentagon’s “bureaucracies have swelled to cumbersome and top-heavy proportions and grown accustomed to operating with little consideration to cost.” Indeed, the defense budget has doubled over the past decade, as has the number of service contract personnel. Even the number of flag officers has grown by 11 percent since 9/11. Bloat, it appears, is ubiquitous. Gates has repeatedly called for reform. He has emphasized, though, that he is not trying to cut the defense budget, but rather to reallocate its resources so the department can preserve its current force structure and fund modernization programs. He insists that his efficiency initiative does not amount to a budget cutting exercise, but it sure resembles one.”


Sledge Jr., Nathaniel H.


National Defense


National Defense 95, no. 684

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