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DOD Instruction 4151.24 Depot Source of Repair (DSOR) Determination Process : Department of Defense , May 28, , 2019

May 28, 2019

Department of Defense

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From the document: "Purpose: In accordance with the authority in DoD Directive 5134.01, and the July 13, 2018 Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandum, this issuance: (1) Establishes policy for determining DSOR assignments for weapon systems and items of military equipment that require depot-level maintenance, as defined by Section 2460 of Title 10, United States Code (U.S.C.), regardless of the source of funding or location (e.g., organic, commercial, or any combination of organic and commercial). (2) Assigns responsibilities and prescribes procedures that interface with the acquisition cycle to establish management control of the DSOR determination process; determines the optimum depot-level maintenance support considering organic, commercial, or a combination of organic and commercial sources of repair; and establishes organic depot-level maintenance capabilities as early as appropriate in the weapon system life cycle. (3) Directs inter-DoD Component reviews of depot-level maintenance requirements against all DoD capabilities to maximize the use of existing capabilities, efficiently apply resources, prevent unnecessary duplication of capabilities, and consider DoD strategic interests. (4) Employs an iterative framework that allows incremental planning for and investment in organic depot-level maintenance capabilities as the weapon system configuration stabilizes and matures and sustainment demands evolve."



Department of Defense


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