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Financial and Performance Management: More Reliable and Complete Information Needed to Address Federal Management and Fiscal Challenges : U.S. Government Accountability Office , July 10, , 2013

July 10, 2013

U.S. Government Accountability Office

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​​​​​​From the report: “Three long-standing major impediments prevented GAO from expressing an opinion on the U.S. government’s 2012 accrual-based consolidated financial statements: (1) serious financial management problems at the Department of Defense (DOD), (2) the federal government’s inability to adequately account for and reconcile intragovernmental activity and balances between federal entities, and (3) the federal government’s ineffective process for preparing the consolidated financial statements. Also, GAO was prevented from expressing opinions on the 2012 social insurance-related statements because of significant uncertainties primarily related to the achievement of projected reductions in Medicare cost growth reflected in the statements.”


U.S. Government Accountability Office


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