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Five First Steps to a Modern Defense Budgeting System : MITRE , August 8, , 2022

August 8, 2022


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From the report: “The current defense budgeting system requires bold reforms to strengthen U.S. national security going forward. Effectively reforming a sixty-year-old process with many competing interests and priorities will take time, but the U.S. national security environment has demonstrated that the nation does not have the luxury of time. The following five steps are provided for DOD and Congress to consider implementing immediately. These actions will enable DOD to focus more of its collective investments on increasing mission impact and meeting high-priority objectives of the national defense strategy. The outcomes of these reforms will be a more responsive and adaptive resource allocation system that promotes better alignment to national goals, faster adoption of innovation, improved optionality for end users, and a more prepared military.”

Authors - Modigliani, Peter, Grant, Greg, McGregor, Douglas


Modigliani, Peter, Grant, Greg, McGregor, Douglas




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