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Improving Financial Management: Accompanying Report of the National Performance Review. Washington, DC : Office of the Vice President , September , 1993

September 1993

Office of the Vice President

From the Executive Summary: “In the recent hit movie “Dave,” a presidential look-alike finds himself in the Oval Office, acting as chief executive. He brings in an accountant friend to look over the federal government's books, hoping to find money for a favorite program. "Who does these books?" the friend exclaimed. "If I ran my business this way, I'd be out of business!" With a few hours' application of accounting know-how, they find the money and save the program. In real life, it's not quite that simple. But the satire identified an all-too-true phenomenon--Washington's financial management practices are tangled and inadequate. They do not give managers good tools to govern. Nor do they save taxpayers money by using the best innovations of business.”

Authors - Gore, Al


Gore, Al


Office of the Vice President

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