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Independent Evaluation of The Bay Area Supply Depot Consolidation Prototype : Logistics Management Institute , December , 1991

December 1991

Logistics Management Institute

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From the summary: "In 1990, Defense Management Report Decision (DMRD) 902, Consolidation of Defense Supply Depots, predicted that DoD could realize significant savings if its supply depots were consolidated under the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and a uniform automated distribution system were developed to replace the multiple systems then in use. The DMRD projected that the consolidation, while saving money, would not result in decreased performance. The Deputy Secretary of Defense approved the consolidation and directed, as a first step, that five supply depots in the San Francisco Bay Area be consolidated to serve as a prototype. This report presents an analysis of the first year of prototype operations and our independent evaluation of the prototype's effectiveness."



Handy, John B., Mallette, Samuel J., Crosslin, Robert L., James III, William T., Sherbrooke, Craig C.


Logistics Management Institute


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