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Managing the Cost of Government, Building an Effective Financial Management Structure. Vol. II. Washington, DC : General Accounting Office (GAO) , February , 1985

February 1985

General Accounting Office (GAO)

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From the executive summary: “Government policymakers and managers are facing formidable financial management challenges in today’s complex economic, political, and social environment. Demands to fund current programs as well as to provide for new investment in national defense and capital improvements require accurate financial information for making sound resource allocation decisions: However, it has become apparent that the current federal financial management process does not adequately provide reliable, consistent information for policy formulation and management control. Although a number of problems with the current process have been well documented, those listed below dramatically demonstrate the need for improvements.”

Authors - Comptroller General of the United States


Comptroller General of the United States


General Accounting Office (GAO)




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