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Performance Management Appraisal: Approaches in the Private and Public Sectors : Dongbei University of Finance and Economics , 2022


Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

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​​​​​​From the abstract: “Since the 1980s, the pace of economic globalization has been increasing faster, leaving a competitive market. In this situation, an enterprise must constantly improve its overall efficiency and performance if it wants to take up the market. To create more value, companies struggle to find the best way to manage performance, but few have succeeded. Complete and active performance management (PM) must make the organization and employees understand that even though PM involves performance evaluation, its final purpose is not to debate or emphasize the problem of low-effective performance, and that is, a promotion rather than a blame system. As an important part of human resource management (HRM), PM should aim at improving overall organizational performance and maximizing organizational benefits. Based on the research literature and enterprise examples, this paper concludes the performance evaluation strategies that are suggested to be taken by the private (360-degree appraisal) and public (formalizing performance evaluation systems).”

Authors - Ma, Yining


Ma, Yining


Dongbei University of Finance and Economics


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