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Annual Report to the President and the Congress : Department of Defense , March , 1996

March 1996

Department of Defense

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From the "Installations and Logistics" introduction: "In this era ofdownsizing, privatizing, and restructuring, the Department continues to pursue creative and effective management initiatives to reduce infrastructure costs and optimize logistical support. DoD's overarching goal is to maintain and improve long-term military readiness and to ensure the Department addresses modernization needs. The Commission on the Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces (CORM) emphasized outsourcing the Department's commercial activities as a way to streamline support activities and achieve cost savings. Over the coming months, the Department will investigate outsourcing (using federal funds to pay a private company to do defense work) or privatizing (completely transferring to the private sector) many commercial-type support activities, such as depot maintenance, materiel management, family housing, and base management and infrastructure."

Authors - Perry, William J.



Perry, William J.


Department of Defense


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