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The Budget Process in the Department of Defense, 1947-77: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Three Systems : Public Administration Review , 1977


Public Administration Review

From the document: “Budgeting and the budgetary process are critical in any organization because, to a great extent, "dollars are policy." If the funds for a particular activity cannot be acquired, planning becomes fruitless and execution impossible. In the Department of Defense (DOD) the budgetary process is especially important. This importance arises from three factors. First, DOD has a very thin legislative base. Nearly all of its programs must be acted on annually by the Executive and Legislative Branches in the budget process. Unlike other federal agencies, the Pentagon receives no long-term commitments from the Congress. This is different from most other federal agencies where the budget process consists mainly of costing out approved and continuing programs.”


Korb, Lawrence J.


Public Administration Review


Public Administration Review 37, no. 4

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