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Transforming Department of Defense Financial Management: A Strategy for Change. Final Report. Washington, DC : Department of Defense , April 13, , 2001

April 13, 2001

Department of Defense

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From the executive summary: "At the request of the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), the Department of Defense (DoD) contracted with the Institute for Defense Analyses to conduct a study to recommend a strategy for financial management improvements within the Department. The Study Group envisions a future in which relevant, reliable and timely financial information1 , affirmed by a clean audit opinion, is available on a routine basis to support management decision-making at all levels throughout DoD. Relevant financial information will tell managers the costs of forces or activities that they manage and the relationship of funding levels to output, capability or performance ofthose forces or activities. Reliable financial information will provide a more accurate basis for decision-making and be affirmed by a clean audit opinion. Such financial information will be available to managers at all pertinent levels, from those charged with carrying out DoD's missions at the theater and national levels down to the managers ofsupporting activities."

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Department of Defense


Department of Defense

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