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Review of Spectrum Management : Defense Business Board , April 25, , 2005

April 25, 2005

Defense Business Board

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From the report: "Over the last several decades the Department of Defense (DoD) has increasingly relied upon the availability of radio frequency (RF) spectrum in order to conduct modern warfare. At the same time, there has been a dramatic increase in demand from the commercial sector for the use of the same frequencies and in the same geographies that are critical to the DoD. This is complicated even further as Administrations, including the current one, are making more RF spectrum available for auction in order to provide broadband and mobile capacity to the commercial sector for civilian use – and generate revenues to reduce the deficit. These efforts, combined with pending legislation that could mandate a full inventory of federal spectrum use (including classified use), are resulting in the need for DoD to increase the efficient utilization of the available spectrum in the near term and develop a sound forward-looking strategy for future use of spectrum. The Defense Business Board (DBB) was asked to review DoD’s policies in this area and a copy of the official Terms of Reference (TOR) may be found in Appendix A."

Authors - Defense Business Board (DBB)


Defense Business Board (DBB)


Defense Business Board


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